JLBSportsTV: Spain Wins! Euro 2012 Final Match Review

Spain defeated Italy 4-0 in today’s final. The scoreline in no way reflects how the game went. Italy played well, and gave Spain a real problem open play until Italy went down to 10 men due to injury. Still, Spain were always likely to win. Their victory was never in much doubt. Here’s my review video:

Congrats to Spain!

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2 thoughts on “JLBSportsTV: Spain Wins! Euro 2012 Final Match Review”

  1. Do you think Italian football will ever comeback to its prior glory or that match fixing will always be in the Italian game and that it will be its ultimate demise.

    1. Match fixing will always have a role in Italian football. As long as the Agnellis and Berlusconis remain at the top, bribes and corruption will continue so AC Milan and Juve will see success. It’s in the game’s DNA for Italians.

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