The first iteration of JLBSports.tv started out as the lowly SportingNews.com/Tiem09. Through SportingNews’s blogging service, Justin Lew Block began blogging about sports in 7th grade. Writing on mainly the New York Yankees and the Green Bay Packers, Justin gained a considerable following for his youthful insight. In 2009, he began recording video blogs at YouTube.com/JLBSportsTV because he was tired of writing. With homework piling up, filming 5 minute videos was much quicker than taking hours to write a blog post. After failing to gain any traction and any consistent audience on JLBSportsTV, the focus of the channel shifted towards coverage of Liverpool FC. Since then, the channel has taken off with help from Liverpool FC fan websites and former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel.

In between producing videos for JLBSportsTV, Justin helped start a hip-hop blog/online magazine called BrilliantlyBlunt.com. He had taken his passionate writing into hip-hop’s blogosphere, but there was still a void in the sports world. In June 2012, spurned by the hot debate over LeBron James, and his love for Bill Simmons’s Grantland, Justin felt the need to reconnect with his original sports writing ventures. Covering sports and pop culture, JLBSports.tv serves as our outlet to the world. No writers here claim to be experts—just people with an educated, well-conceived opinion. Come comment, debate, and hold your weight!

Justin is currently a sophomore studying Sport Management in London through New York University’s study abroad partnership with the University of London. He can also be found on Complex and NYU’s Sports Business Society blog.

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