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So We Meet Again…

So sports blogging, we meet again. It’s been a while since we’ve crossed paths. I met you back in 2007, when I began rambling in broken Middle School English on SportingNews.com. A lack of passion and lack of time (high school is more work than college), caused me to abandon you. It was like raising a child until your baby teeth started falling out and then putting you up for adoption.

Well I’m back, and with gifts for you.

Through the time I’ve spent writing for BrilliantlyBlunt.com, and the viewership gained from JLBSportsTV, I’ve matured as a writer, fan, and observer of the world. Your micro-blogging brother Twitter was fun, but 140 characters and timeline-drowning rants isn’t the way to properly express sports and pop culture opinions. It just loses me followers.

I give to you JLBSports.tv—a fully-fledged online magazine covering sports from every sideline and pop culture from every couch. Sports blogging, you’ve now mutated into something greater—or really, you’ve just gotten fatter. Let’s go for a workout.

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